Zoltán Demeter‘s winery served as the venue on 6th November for a Sparkling Wine Symposium, a small get-together of Tokaj lovers from diverse walks of life to discuss the future of sparkling wine in Tokaj. The evening included keynote speeches by Zoltán Hauser, rector of the Eszterházy Károly College in Eger, former wine journalist and winemaker László Alkonyi and representative of Riedel in Hungary László Hantos, as well as the host of the event Zoltán Demeter. Tastings of French and Italian bubblies, along with and Zoltán’s two vintage sparklers and 2015 base wine, provided the context for the ensuing discussions about whether or not Tokaj had the potenital to produce sparkling wines that are on a par with the world’s best.

There has been an increasing number of Tokaj wineries trying their hands at sparkling wine over the past five years. Tokaji sparklers are always dry and made using the classic Champagne method. While it is still an experiment for many at this stage, and therefore, most producers only make the base wine and then contract out the rest of the process to specialist companies outside the region, some winemakers, such as Zoltán Demeter, already do everything in-house from tirage to disgorging. via tokajtoday.com

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