While 2016’s first Tokaj-Hegyalja Market was buzzing around the Sárga Borház on 14th February, the upstairs room of the restaurant was packed with people who came to attend the formal release event in the Tokaj region of the book called Tokaj Guide 2016, first shown to the public at the Budapest Furmint February wine event ten days before.

Author and editor Gergely Ripka conducted a tasting of wines from some of the hundred wineries that are featured in the book, along with dozens of restaurant and accommodation tips, local food producers and even wine events. Considerably thicker and larger in format than the first edition of 2014, the Tokaj Guide 2016 is the only and most up-to-date bilingual (HU and EN) wine travel guide on the Tokaj region. The author is planning to come out with an updated edition every two years. via tokajtoday.com