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The Best Cities for Valentine’s Day

Want to getaway for the day of love this year? Here’s some ideas to get you started…

If you’ve been saving up and have some pennies to spend this Valentine’s Day, we know exactly how you can wow your love. You guessed it! Take a trip to one of these beautifully romantic cities in various locations across the globe… We can assure you, the money will be completely worth it!

Of course, it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to enjoy a fabulous getaway with your loved one or a friend, so let’s help you get inspired.


Valentine’s Day in Prague is about as romantic as it gets. The city boasts wonderful sights and first-class restaurants to help impress your loved one. Plus, princes aren’t generally inflated over the period so you can experience the best of romance at low rates!

Enjoy a romantic meal by the river, or at a hillside restaurant overlooking the city. Plus, there’s lots of fun tourist adventures and experiences to have together so your mini-Valentine’s Day break will also be a nice trip for the both of you, too.


This city is one that is teemed with historical and cultural depth, which makes for one of the most perfect romantic destinations to explore with your love in celebration of Saint Valentine. Plus, Istanbul has been a very romantic city for centuries, and this is reflected across all restaurants, shops and hotels throughout the city.

Celebrate in style with a choice of five-star hotels in the heart if Istanbul and Taksim, or dine with a fantastic view of the Bosphorus.


After all, “it’s a fairytale town, isn’t it?” Bruges is certainly a fairytale town, with lots of carriage rides, colourful medieval buildings, quaint cobbled streets, picturesque canals and plenty of pretty squares! There’s plenty of chocolate stores, too, to help you pick that perfectly tasty Valentine’s Day gift. Make sure you have the chance to climb the 366 steps to the top of the belfry for a fantastic, panoramic view of Bruges.


As a city filled with luxurious skyscraper hotels and rooftop bars, Bangkok is most definitely a magical destination for any Valentine’s Day. Book a fabulous hotel suite, enjoy some time in the spa with a relaxing couple’s treatment and plan your romantic rendezvous.

Make sure you visit Sky Bar to mark the occasion! After all, it’s the highest bar of its kind in the world.


If you’re searching for a quiet location to enjoy a peaceful, extremely romantic vacation with your loved one, then Tuscany should be your top pick. Stay in a hotel nestled in the hills of Siena and the plains of Maremma, and embrace a wonderful chance for a romantic getaway in the relaxing surroundings of Tuscany.

You can also stay in the Maremma, or even the mountains! You’re most definitely spoilt for choice, and guaranteed a peaceful, romantic time with your love.


In one of the richest countries in the world, Valentine’s Day is a colourful celebration! After all, Austria is a country famed for its music, as the birthplace of Beethoven and Mozart. It’s also a country famous for its mountains, music and good food!

If you’re seeking the perfect activity to do in celebration of the day of live, why not take to the mountains and do some skiing! Weather permitting of course. Or enjoy a romantic meal for two in one of Vienna’s fantastic restaurants.

Vienna is one of the most perfect destinations for any couple for Valentine’s Day… Who likes to dance! Yes, the city is mainly dominated by dances and balls throughout the month of February, which adds to the grandeur and romantic feel of the city.

If you’re not into dancing, there’s plenty of concerts and experiences you can enjoy, like classical opera or a trip around one of the city’s historic museums.



This place isn’t really a city, more of a county that spans across a large portion of the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, it is a place that provides plenty of romantic getaways, sightseeing and experiences for you and your partner to offer. Try a romantic spa, or take a romantic walk across the Peak District, or Dalby Forest, or visit Fountains Abbey.

You won’t be at a loss for what to do!


As one of the most romantic cities in Australia, Melbourne boasts plenty of romantic scenes and experiences for any star-crossed lovers. Enjoy a sunset cruise with dinner and views of Melbourne’s coast of the decks, or enjoy an adrenalin rush and swim with sharks at the aquarium.

There’s so much more on offer, too: like horse drawn carriage rides, a night at the theatre, skydiving and a helicopter ride. We’re 100% sure you’ll impress!


It goes without saying, Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Enjoy a dinner cruise on the Seine with your love, indulge at a gourmet restaurant or enjoy an unforgettable evening in a cabaret. Not forgetting everyone’s favourite Eiffel Tower.

San Francisco

Leave your hearts in San Francisco after enjoying romantic celebrations this Valentine’s Day. You see, in San Francisco, even romance is about innovation. You can celebrate in style with an unconventional dinner date and white-dining experience, or transport yourself to Europe in the city’s Financial District, Claude Lane.

You could even head over the Golden Gate Ferry across the bay to Sausalito and witness the skyline framed by pink clouds as the sun sinks behind. Perfect for a little romance on Valentine’s. via expatwoman.com

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