TCE has also reported recently that the average price they have been buying grapes at from their hundreds of contract grape producers has reached 0.8 EUR per kilogram, which is a clear improvement from last year. TCE buys up around 35 per cent of the region’s total grape production from some 1100 hectares, one fifth of the total area under vine in the Tokaj region. They announced their grape purchase prices for 2015 back in mid-June.

The largest wine producer in the Tokaj region, TCE was known for some two decades as the state-run giant flooding the domestic market with cheap wines not worthy of the Tokaji name and exporting bulks of the same (except for a few ‘show’ wines) to foreign markets. While many would have loved to see TCE be divided up and privatised, Hungary’s government took a more difficult alternative, in 2013, of setting out to completely turn around and transform the company into what could be regarded as a national flagship winery that would adopt the quality-centred approach of the leading privately-owned producers. All the ongoing developments are aimed to support this new direction for the company. via